Understand the safety of grounding of rainproof distribution board

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As we all know, the rainproof distribution board is a kind of equipment used for power. In order to ensure the safety of the rainproof distribution board, all rainproof distribution boards should be grounded. So how should we protect it?

Firstly, we can use the "bus bar" (grounding bar, PE bar) to directly connect with the power ground wire or grounding system. In addition, the stainless steel box used in the rainproof distribution board has its own "box grounding bolt", which must be connected with the grounded PE bar with copper core conductor or special braided flexible wire; Glands can also be linked by metal threading tubes. The unique rainproof and dustproof design of the rainproof distribution box makes it safer to use. The sealing strip designed on the box door can effectively prevent rainwater infiltration.

Next The main body of the stainless steel distribution box lies in these
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