How to distinguish the age of the distribution board?

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During the development in recent years, what we know is that with the development of electric power, the accidents caused by electric fire are also increasing, and the causes of electric fire include overload, short circuit, poor contact, equipment aging, etc., of which equipment aging is the main. Therefore, how to prevent electrical fire is a professional knowledge that needs to be understood. So how can we identify the service life of these electrical equipment in the practical application of the redistribution board? Today, I'll take off the veil for you!


We can judge according to the environment used by the distribution board (including temperature, humidity, degree of chemical corrosion, degree of current load, etc.). For example, electrical equipment used in some constant temperature, constant humidity and non chemical corrosion environments can be used for several years or even decades; On the contrary, if the ambient temperature is too high or the humidity is too high and the chemical corrosion is too heavy, the electrical equipment is very easy to be aged and damaged. We need to test the insulation capacity of the distribution board. When the insulation capacity drops to an impermissible level, it can be determined that it has aged and cannot be used again. Therefore, we can investigate the service life of the product according to these professional skills.

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