The specific functions of the distribution box include: remote control, hardware cooperation and wiring mode

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for electrical equipment are higher and higher, and the functions are more and more complete. But now the traditional distribution mode is still used in the distribution box of building users, and the single control is used in the control of electrical equipment, which causes great trouble in use, and at the same time leads to a large waste of resources.

In order to solve the above problems, our company has designed and produced the intelligent distribution box, which uses the integrated circuit controlled by single-chip microcomputer to carry out comprehensive control, so as to fulfill people's various needs.

The specific functions of the distribution box are as follows:

1. The remote control is controlled in the distribution box by the microcomputer processing program according to the radio remote control, telephone remote control and user requirements (panel), so as to realize the remote control.

2. In addition to the functions of the original distribution box: isolation, disconnection, overload, short circuit, leakage protection, it also realizes the humanized operation control. It has the functions of timing, program control, monitoring, alarm, voice control, fingerprint identification, etc.

The specific functions are as follows:

1) Timing control: it adopts computer program control, which has two functions of established program control and manual setting to control the time limit of lamps and electrical equipment.

2) Program control: according to living habits and daily requirements, input corresponding requirements into the computer for model control. Daily control of electric equipment: the control of washing machine, electric rice cooker, air conditioning control, lamp control, etc. shall be controlled by one key or function key.

3) Monitoring: according to the needs of the doors and windows and indoor wireless, sound, infrared, vibration and other means of monitoring to achieve unattended and guard functions. With short-range video monitoring and alarm, as well as automatic fire control system.

4) Alarm: monitor and alarm the indoor smoke and harmful gas leakage. It mainly monitors and alarms the gas, fire and electric appliance fire, including automatic protection.

5) Emergency call: set emergency call function for the elderly and patients as required to protect them.

6) Sound control: carry out sound recognition and control of electrical equipment to complete humanized operation.

7) Fingerprint identification: mainly used in access control system and valuables protection.

8) Networked control: according to the actual needs, it can be connected with the Internet and telephone to realize network control, including remote video monitoring.

3. Hardware cooperation: the corresponding circuit breaker and leakage protector are designed to the distribution box according to the design requirements; the circuit control board uses relay, thyristor and transistor as the output to control the electrical appliances; the input adopts modular interface, with analog and switching modes; the panel control adopts touch mode, and the remote control adopts radio or infrared mode to control System.

4. Wiring mode: since centralized control is adopted, the original threading must be replaced or the control signal must be increased, so the piping must be increased in model.

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