The low-voltage distribution box adopts high-quality, high-strength and corrosion-resistant cold-rolled electrolytic plate

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ABB MDS series low voltage distribution box

It is mainly used for AC rated voltage of 660V and below, and can be used as branch distribution or load power control cabinet; the internal switch adopts isomaxs Series Molded Case circuit breaker produced by ABB, with small volume, high sectioning capacity, compact structure and good technical performance. Moreover, it is easy to install and safe to use. And is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings, high-rise buildings, hospitals, squares, entertainment and sports facilities, residential and other modern building power distribution devices.

Features: the box and support plate are made of high-quality, high-strength and corrosion-resistant cold-rolled electrolytic plates; the box is equipped with a, B and C phase main bus bars, which are used to connect the two poles or three-level mccbs of the branch circuit, and independent N and PE bus bars are installed at the same time; the upper and lower sealing plates of this series of electric boxes can be removed freely, which is convenient to use or open holes with the wiring slot in the field installation; cable mode is preferred for all wiring.

Function: protect overload and short circuit.

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