Power meter can be used separately as internal management meter

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Power meters can be used as internal management meters alone, instead of a large number of traditional analog meters, and can also be used as the front-end equipment of power monitoring system to achieve remote data acquisition and control. RS485 communication interface in line with industrial standard makes networking easy and convenient, which is an ideal choice for SCADA system integration. According to the field situation, the electric energy management system of large public buildings can realize the function of electric energy collection and metering by using the field bus in the form of optical fiber ring network, Ethernet or wireless network. The system is based on computer, communication equipment and on-site power meter. It provides a basic platform for real-time data collection, remote management and control. It can form a complex power monitoring and power management system with detection and control equipment. The system mainly adopts hierarchical distributed computer network structure, substation control management layer, network communication layer and field equipment layer.

Purpose of distribution box

1) It is convenient for management and maintenance in case of circuit failure.

2) Distribution box, distribution cabinet, distribution panel, etc. are complete sets of devices for centralized installation of switches, instruments, etc.

3) There are two kinds of commonly used distribution boxes: wooden and iron plate. Now the power consumption is very large, so there are more iron ones.

4) The purpose of the distribution box: of course, it is convenient to stop and transmit power, and plays the role of measuring and judging the power stop and transmission.

Electric power instrument is designed for the power monitoring and power management requirements of power system, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities and intelligent large-scale public buildings. It can measure all commonly used power parameters with high precision, such as three-phase voltage, three-phase current and active power.

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