The knowledge of distribution box is indispensable

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In the power system, it is a link to protect the power, and it is a power product that many power workers must contact. In our life, it is also very widespread, its number is large, widely distributed. If the distribution box is out of control due to your neglect, it will lead to unsafe factors and increase the risk of personal electric shock and electrical fire. Therefore, we should pay attention to the safe selection and use of distribution box.


Relevant knowledge of distribution box, working voltage, current, frequency and grade of electrical components used in distribution box shall meet the working requirements. Moreover, each branch of the distribution box or the place where protection needs to be selected should also be equipped with special protective appliances. If the fuse is selected to protect the distribution line, the fuse should be installed on each ungrounded phase and pole. When the fuse of the distribution box is used for short circuit protection, the cross section of the melt or conductor should meet the corresponding regulations; So it can give us safe use through certain protection.

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