Six points should be paid attention to the distribution box of the device

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Distribution box plays an important role in the power industry. For the manufacturers, its production and operation are the problems that we need to pay attention to. For users, some problems need to be paid attention to. When assembling the distribution box, the following preparations need to be made:


1. Be familiar with the primary and secondary construction drawings of the general assembly manufacturing specifications, and understand and memorize the notes and detailed rules;


2. According to the drawings and detailed instructions, check whether the final assembly manufacturing specification is completely consistent with the component requisition;


3. Collect the required components and auxiliary parts, and carefully check whether the model and quantity meet the requirements specified in the drawing and line design;


4. Check whether the certificates and instructions of purchased components, spare parts, auxiliary parts and purchased parts are complete. The main components and parts shall be the products of factory and subcontractor, and the complete sets of accessories are complete inside;


5. Check that the cabinet meets all kinds of technical requirements;


6. All operation tools are complete;


So when installing the distribution box, it is also a step to ensure that it can be used safely for us. We can't be careless!

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