The Influence Of Terminal Block Current On It

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High current terminal rail mounted terminal block: it adopts reliable screw connection technology, electronic breaking tolerance technology and the latest electrical connection technology, which is widely used in power electronics, communication, electrical control and power supply fields. The rail type series wiring terminals adopt pressure wire and unique thread self-locking design, which makes the wiring connection reliable and safe.

The appearance design of this series of terminal blocks is beautiful and generous. It can be equipped with various accessories, such as short circuit piece, identification strip, baffle plate, etc. The difference between terminals: high current terminals and voltage terminals are; There is no difference between the appearance of voltage terminal and current terminal. High current terminal only needs to pay attention to the wiring diagram of this meter (generally there will be a protection panel on the cover of the meter). The main difference between the two types of terminal blocks is that the voltage terminal is also called ordinary terminal, and generally it can not disconnect itself.

Only through the connectable terminal, the high current terminal can disconnect itself for test The maximum current refers to a limit value of current that can be withstood without affecting the safety of the equipment. Generally, it is allowed to appear for a short time, otherwise the equipment will be damaged. High current terminal is a kind of product to facilitate the connection of wires, that is, a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic with holes at both ends. We can insert wires, such as two wires, sometimes need to be connected, and sometimes need to be disconnected. At this time, there are matching screws for fastening or loosening, so that two wires can be connected with terminals.

The high current terminal can be disconnected at any time without welding or winding them together, which is convenient and fast. When we need a lot of wires interconnected, we can use UK terminals. In the electric power industry, there are special terminal blocks and terminal boxes, all of which are single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, common, breakable and so on. In addition, PA66 has excellent ability to resist adverse weather conditions, and will not provide oxygen and other biological elements to microorganisms. In this way, the insulation parts made of PA66 will not be reduced by termites, anoxic bacteria and fungi. PA66 has good resistance to most common detergents such as oil, lipid, alcohol and carbon tetrachloride. Due to the different mechanical strength requirements for each metal part of screw type terminals, their alloys are also different. The screws are made of high-strength copper alloy, the conductive body is made of electrolytic copper, and the wire pressing frame is made of copper alloy resistant to stress crack corrosion. The surface of these metal parts is also plated with tin or nickel to protect them. All copper terminal block can avoid the battery effect of steel metal parts and copper wires in wet conditions. This can avoid the electric corrosion and its consequence, unreliable electrical connection and screw rust.

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