Summary of key points for construction and installation of distribution boxes and switch boxes

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The construction and installation points of distribution boxes and switch boxes are summarized as follows: 1. Select qualified products that meet national standards and safety requirements. 2. According to the electrical design requirements, determine the appropriate installation location and installation height. 3. Carry out proper grounding to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. 4. Perform correct wire connection and plug socket installation according to the circuit diagram and wiring specifications. 5. Ensure the firmness and correctness of the connection to avoid loose or short circuit wiring. 6. Perform a careful insulation test to ensure that there are no leakage or ground faults in the equipment. 7. Pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the equipment to avoid overheating. 8. Use appropriate safety measures during installation, such as wearing insulating gloves, using insulating tools, etc. 9. After the construction is completed, carry out the necessary acceptance and testing to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and meet the safety requirements. 10. If you do not have the relevant knowledge and skills of electricians, it is recommended to ask professional electricians for installation and commissioning.

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