Causes of electrical failures inside the small power distribution unit

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There may be many reasons for the electrical failure inside the small power distribution unit:

Overload: When the load exceeds the rated capacity of electrical appliances or wires, it may cause overload and cause electrical failure.

Short Circuit: A short circuit in a wire or inside an appliance can cause an abnormal increase in electrical current, potentially causing serious malfunctions such as fire.

Wire Aging: After long-term use, the wire may age, the insulation performance will decrease, and the risk of failure will increase.

Incorrect installation: Improper installation or loose connections may cause the appliance to malfunction.

Moisture and Corrosion: Humid environments or corrosive gases can damage the internal parts of the appliance.

Substandard equipment: The use of substandard electrical equipment may present potential safety hazards.

Animal interference: Small animals may enter the small power distribution unit, bite the wires, and cause malfunctions.

Regular inspection, maintenance and attention to safe use of electricity are important measures to prevent electrical failures.

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