Small power distribution unit installation and external environment

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The installation of the small power distribution unit is closely related to the external environment. Reasonable installation and environmental protection measures are crucial to the normal operation and service life of the small power distribution unit. First of all, the small power distribution unit should be installed in a well-ventilated, dry place away from water sources to prevent moisture from causing short circuit or rust. Secondly, avoid direct sunlight and use shading measures to prevent excessive heat from affecting the normal operation of the equipment inside the small power distribution unit. In addition, in cold areas, antifreeze and insulation measures should be taken to prevent equipment failure caused by low temperature. During the installation process, the distance between the small power distribution unit and surrounding buildings or equipment should comply with relevant safety regulations to ensure safe passage and maintenance space. Finally, the debris around the small power distribution unit should be cleaned regularly to keep it clean and tidy to facilitate inspection and maintenance during operation. Through scientific and reasonable installation and environmental protection, the stability and reliability of the small power distribution unit can be effectively improved.

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