Several places to check when purchasing moulded case circuit breaker

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    When you buy a molded case circuit breaker, which parts should be checked to ensure that the products you buy are normal? If you don't know, here's how to change it immediately after you buy inferior products to avoid affecting later use.

    1. Product parameters

    The product parameters must be checked after purchasing the molded case circuit breaker. If you find that the product parameters do not meet your current needs, replace them immediately. Never try to make them. If the parameters are too large, then there are not too many problems. If the parameters are small, then you may break through the molded case circuit breaker or other problems during use due to the high strength of fault current The standby cannot be used normally;

    2. Test button

    In order to let each customer better understand the function of the current product, the manufacturer of molded case circuit breaker prepares a test button. You only need to press the current button to know whether the breaking capacity and other protection functions of this product are complete;

    3. Accessories

    The accessories of molded case circuit breaker are generally provided by the manufacturer. These accessories only need to be installed so that the equipment can have some other protection ability and performance to make the customer safer to use. If your accessories are lost or not in line with your expectation, you can contact the after-sales service for replacement or supplement in time.

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