Manufacturer of moulded case circuit breaker - introduction of electronic type and thermal magnetic type

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    In daily life, the electrical products of molded case circuit breaker are needed in industry, living place or electric field. The molded case circuit breaker is the basic component of the power system in various places and improves the stability of the power system.

    With the continuous development of molded case circuit breaker manufacturers, the types of their products are gradually enriched and improved. According to the different tap units, they are divided into thermal magnetic molded case circuit breaker and electronic molded case circuit breaker.

    Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is the main type of MCCB produced by most MCCB manufacturers in China.

    I. thermomagnetic type

    Thermomagnetic molded case circuit breaker is the key product of most domestic manufacturers of molded case circuit breaker. Because of its high cost performance, thermomagnetic type is used as the tripping unit of molded case circuit breaker, and the thermal effect of electricity is used to promote the tripping of molded case circuit breaker. There are only two protection functions, namely overload protection function and short circuit protection function. The thermomagnetic molded case circuit breaker has strong anti-interference ability and independence. It does not need external power supply and can not use trip coil. But the disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, the adjustment accuracy is not high.

    II. Electronic type

    In the manufacturing of electronic type, domestic manufacturers of molded case circuit breaker put in higher cost. Although electronic type has powerful function, high precision and convenient adjustment, its market share is lower than that of thermal magnetic type due to its price. Electronic molded case circuit breaker, mainly through the current transformer circuit, check the current of the circuit breaker, let the current value to control the output, that is, control the trip coil, and finally disconnect the main contact and cut off the fault power in case of fault. The disadvantage of electronic molded case circuit breaker is that the trip coil is needed to complete the trip action, and the power supply is also needed. Therefore, if the electronic circuit breaks down, the performance of electronic circuit breaker will be greatly affected, and its efficiency will be reduced. Moreover, the circuit fault is difficult to deal with, and the anti interference ability is not as good as that of thermal magnetic circuit breaker.

    When choosing molded case circuit breaker, we should choose the appropriate model of molded case circuit breaker according to the actual use demand.

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