Safety precautions of voltage regulator

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    1.When the power supply is turned on and started, do not disconnect the input and output connections of the power supply or the power supply at will, in order to prevent electric shock or other electrical safety accidents.

    2.The input and output wiring of the regulated power supply must be reasonably arranged to prevent trampling and wearing out, resulting in leakage accidents.

    3.Voltage stabilized power supply must be reliably grounded. The user is responsible for the electric shock or human injury caused by the operation of ungrounded wire.

    4.The ground of voltage stabilized power supply can not be connected to public welfare facilities such as heating pipeline, water supply pipeline and gas pipeline, so as to avoid infringing on the rights of third parties or causing harm.

    5.The input and output connections of the regulated power supply should be checked regularly to avoid loosening or falling off, thus affecting the normal use of the regulated power supply and power safety.

    6.The selection of the connection line of the voltage regulator must reach the connection line which can bear enough current capacity.

    7.Regulator should be handled lightly to avoid severe vibration while working.

    8.Ensure that the carbon brush spring of the regulator has enough pressure to avoid the fire on the contact surface of the carbon brush and the coil;

    9.Non-professionals should not disconnect the regulated power supply or repair it.

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