Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of SBW Regulator

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    We often find that the failure of SBW regulator is mainly caused by improper maintenance, and even most users have never maintained SBW regulator. Obviously this is not right. SBW regulator also needs our usual maintenance work like other equipment. The following sections summarize a few points for you, hoping to inspire you.

    During the use of SBW regulator, it is necessary to inspect the working state of the regulator regularly, check whether the temperature rise of compensation transformer and contact regulator is normal, whether the load current exceeds the rated value, and whether the input and output voltage are within the prescribed requirements. Whether the voltage regulating system and the rotating mechanism (including the rotating chain, sprocket, decelerating rotating system) are working normally, whether the carbon brush rack is in a plane, and whether the contact is good, the above series of problems are the precondition to ensure the normal operation of the voltage regulator. If similar problems are found, they must be handled in time to avoid damaging the equipment, it is recommended that each of them should be handled in time. Maintenance of SBW regulator once in three months, including:

    (1) The operating conditions of SBW regulator before it is put into operation;

    (2) The load current shall not exceed the allowable value;

    (3) When the input voltage is within the allowable range, the unstable output voltage should be checked immediately (see the causes and removal of the fault).

    (4) SBW regulator does not have independent phase separation control and regulation function, and the unbalance of input voltage will appear at the output end.

    (5) Under normal operating conditions, SBW regulator can operate for a long time under rated load.

    (6) No special guardian is needed in normal operation;

    (7) According to the different use environment, the maintenance cycle is also quite different, but the longest time should not exceed half a year, and the maintenance time should be carried out in the case of power failure.

    Maintenance of SBW regulator includes:

    (8) Clean the dust and dirt of all parts of SBW regulator, especially brush, exposed part

    Replacement of worn or damaged brushes;

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