Safety knowledge of using rainproof distribution box

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In the power system, we can often see the rain proof distribution box. As a kind of power equipment, when it is in operation, it is a very basic link to ensure the safe operation of the power system. The use of this kind of equipment, relative to the user, the contact with the user will be relatively more. Usually in the process of using, people often forget the rules of its safe use, which leads to some dangerous accidents, so the gain is not worth the loss; so for the safe use of rainproof distribution box, we need to pay attention to it!


When the rainproof distribution box is working, the working voltage, current, frequency and grade used must meet the working requirements, and each branch of the rainproof distribution box or when it needs protection, it needs to have a place. Generally, protective electrical appliances, such as air switch, relay, etc., can be used. With these security guarantees, we can make the use of rainproof distribution box safer

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