Quality Problems of Distribution Box

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1. Inspection does not meet relevant standards

The inspection of a commodity by relevant departments in China is usually done by sampling, not by meticulous inspection of each commodity. So many businessmen will send some high-quality products to be tested, and then some unqualified products will be put on the market.

2. Manufacturing process does not meet the standards

For example, the surface of the box is uneven or the error is large, and some boxes with special properties have not been treated by relevant technology, such as explosion-proof distribution boxes without arc-resistant paint in the explosion-proof chamber.

3. The structure is not up to standard

This kind of quality problem usually occurs in some special function distribution boxes, such as the matching width or clearance of explosion-proof distribution boxes'flameproof surfaces exceeding the standard, and the sealing gaskets between the flameproof surfaces are added arbitrarily.

4. Material not up to standard

The other is the material problem of the equipment. Generally, the material of the distribution box is made according to the relevant specifications, and some manufacturers will make use of some substandard materials to make distribution boxes in order to make higher profits.

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