Precautions for ordering electric small power distribution unit

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When placing an order for an electric small power distribution unit, you need to pay attention to the following key matters:

Specifications and models: Clarify the specifications and models of the small power distribution unit to ensure that it matches the on-site requirements and avoid being unable to install and use it due to inconsistency in size or function.

Material and protection level: Choose materials suitable for the use environment. For example, for indoor or outdoor use, you should choose different protection levels (such as IP level) to ensure its waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistance.

Electrical Parameters: Confirm the rated voltage, rated current and short-circuit current rating of the small power distribution unit to meet actual power needs and safety regulations.

Brand and certification: Choose products from well-known brands and ensure that they pass relevant quality certifications, such as ISO quality system certification, to ensure product safety and reliability.

Accessories and accessories: Confirm whether the order contains necessary accessories and accessories, such as circuit breakers, terminal blocks, etc., to ensure ease of installation and use.

Quantity and delivery date: Verify order quantity and delivery date to ensure timely delivery and avoid affecting project progress.

Through the above precautions, the procurement quality and use effect of the small power distribution unit can be effectively guaranteed.

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