Analyze the causes of fires caused by aging split meter ready boards

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The causes of fires caused by aging split meter ready boards mainly include the following points:

Aging of wires: Wires will age after being used for a long time, causing damage to the insulation layer, which can easily cause short circuits, leakage and other problems, increasing the risk of fire.

Loose connecting parts: If the connecting parts in the split meter ready board are loose, it will cause poor wire contact or short circuit, generate high temperatures, and cause fires.

Overload use: If the split meter ready board carries too many electrical devices and exceeds the design capacity, it is easy to cause the wires to overheat and cause a fire.

Water and moisture: Water entering the split meter ready board or being in a humid environment for a long time will cause the insulation layer to get damp and the wires to corrode, increasing the possibility of fire.

The ambient temperature is too high: The ambient temperature around the split meter ready board is too high, which can easily cause wires, insulation materials and other components to age, increasing the risk of fire.

To sum up, there are various reasons for fires caused by the aging of split meter ready boards. Regular inspection and maintenance are required to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.

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