Points for attention when using the distribution box

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The main structural components of the distribution box include transparent cover, upper cover, box, mounting rail, conducting bar, wiring, double wire cover, electrical switch elements, etc. So what should be paid attention to when using.

1. When the distribution box is installed in the device, try to install it in the ventilation place, so that when it is used, it can form air convection to make the distribution box dissipate heat.

2. The box body of the distribution box can be sprayed with the coating with heat insulation function on schedule to reduce the thermal radiation, which is helpful for the heat dissipation of the box body and has more ambitious effect.

3. When using in high temperature season, prevent the equipment from running for a long time, and reduce the heat released by the equipment in the distribution box as much as possible.

4. In addition to ventilation, the device of the box body shall be used to avoid the direct sunshine in the afternoon as far as possible, and the non sandstone type shall be better on the ground.

All the internal electrical switch elements are 9mm module wide electrical elements, which are installed on the top hat shaped track. They can be combined as needed. They can be disassembled and assembled quickly and conveniently. The handle of the switch element is exposed. The electrified part and other parts are covered inside the upper cover. The door can be opened for convenient operation and safe and reliable use. The upper, lower, left, right and back of the box are provided with inlet and outlet holes for wiring.

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