Electrical wiring and busbar arrangement of distribution box

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The distribution box is composed of independent single box connected by bolts, and the bottom of the box is composed of 3mm aluminum zinc coated steel sheet solid welding plate at the front and back. Each distribution box is made by accurately splicing the horizontal and vertical C-frame with bolts, and a solid structure is formed by using bolt connection and pressing plate design.

The distribution box is a low-voltage distribution box composed of switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in closed or semi closed metal cabinet or screen according to the electrical wiring requirements. In normal operation, the circuit can be turned on or off by means of manual or automatic switch. In case of fault or abnormal operation, cut off the circuit or give an alarm with the help of the protection appliance. With the help of measuring instruments, various parameters in operation can be displayed, and some electrical parameters can be adjusted to prompt or send signals for deviation from normal working conditions.

The bus is divided into main busbar and distribution bus. The main bus is arranged at the back of the switch box (busbar compartment), which can be divided into two layers. The double-layer main busbar system is arranged on the upper and lower floors respectively; the single-layer main bus system is arranged on the upper or lower floors; the main busbar can be single connected, series connected or parallel connected; the busbar material is copper (Cu), with sectional area of 30 * 10 mm, 40 * 10 mm and 60 * 10 mm. The distribution busbar is used for the connection between the functional unit components and the bus. The distribution bus (vertical bus) is distributed in the bus compartment. The busbar material is copper (Cu), a single right angle copper plate, with a section of L-type 50 * 30 * 5mm.

The protection requirements of the distribution box; the distribution box shall be able to operate under the condition of three-level pollution, that is, the protection level of the distribution box shall reach IP3X. All insulation in the distribution box shall be self extinguishing material. All steel plates and section steel used for box body shall be degreased, derusted and phosphatized before spraying, and other metal parts shall have anti-corrosion ability, otherwise anti-corrosion measures shall be taken.

The distribution box has the characteristics of small size, simple installation, special technical performance, fixed location, unique configuration function, not limited by the site, relatively common application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, less land occupation and environmental protection effect.

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