It has been installed, how can I check if the split meter ready board is leaking water?

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To check for water leakage in the split meter ready board, the following steps can be followed:

Direct observation: First, open the split meter ready board and directly observe whether there is any water or moisture inside. This is the most direct and effective method to quickly determine whether the split meter ready board is leaking water.

Check the surrounding environment: Pay attention to whether there is a water source or facilities that may cause leakage around the split meter ready board, such as water pipes, rainwater pipes, etc. At the same time, observe whether the outer shell of the split meter ready board is damaged or poorly sealed, which may be the cause of water leakage.

Conduct the experiment: If conditions permit, a brief water spray test can be conducted around the split meter ready board to observe whether there is water infiltration inside the split meter ready board. However, please note that this method should be used with caution and ensure safety.

Seeking professional help: If none of the above methods can determine whether the split meter ready board is leaking water, or if the leakage is suspected to be severe, it is recommended to contact the property or professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair in a timely manner.

By following the above steps, it is possible to accurately determine whether the split meter ready board is leaking water and take corresponding measures to address it.

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