Instructions for use and maintenance of Pole Top Box

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1. Install and fix the Pole Top Box, open the cover of the inlet and outlet wire cavity, connect the cable to the wiring terminal through the lead-in device, connect the internal and external grounding wires, close the cover after inspection, fasten it with fasteners, and tighten the compression nut to seal the cable, which can be used after completion.

2. The distribution box shall not be disassembled at will. Before maintenance, the cover can be opened for maintenance after disconnecting the power supply. During maintenance, the flameproof surface shall not be damaged. After maintenance, the flameproof joint surface shall be coated with 204-1 antirust oil, and the cover shall be closed and fastened with bolts before use.

3. Regular inspection shall be carried out. If parts are found damaged, the manufacturer can provide spare parts.

4. The installation inclination of Pole Top Box shall not exceed 5 °.

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