Installation site of stainless steel distribution box

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When the stainless steel distribution box is installed, it should be installed at the ventilation place as much as possible, so that when it is used, it can form air convection to make the stainless steel distribution box able to dissipate heat.

The engineering plastic shell of the stainless steel distribution box is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin, which is pressed by the mold and has a beautiful appearance. It has the advantages of anti-aging, no deformation, impact resistance, antistatic and corrosion resistance. The shell of stainless steel is processed by die blanking and forming process, and the surface is treated by mirror polishing, which is beautiful and generous.

Stainless steel distribution box can distribute electric energy reasonably, which is convenient for the opening and closing operation of the circuit. The level of safety protection is relatively high. The conduction status of the circuit can directly show the effect of power generation, and the use of the distribution substation is also relatively extensive.

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