How to customize single-phase 12 ways charge control PC meter box? Case sharing

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The conventional 12 ways cost control single phase and the customized 12 ways cost control single phase can have the same size of 1070 * 1330 * 170mm and the same price for empty boxes. The customized meter box usually places the switch room in the middle, and the left and right side are the meter rooms. In this way, the left and right lines can be routed to reduce the cost of wires. If the quantity required by customers is not large, you can directly purchase conventional boxes. However, if the demand is large, the wire is also a big cost, and some customers require such changes.


There is no screw fixing installation inside the meter box, which is convenient for customers to directly assemble the electrical components after arrival (instead of disassembling the plastic parts of the bottom plate and then reassembling).


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