How to conduct power on operation tests on PC material electrical ready board boxes?

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When conducting power on operation tests on PC material electrical ready board boxes, the following steps need to be followed:

Pre inspection: First, confirm that the internal wiring of the electrical ready board box complies with the electrical schematic, ensuring that all wiring is correct and that the insulation resistance meets the requirements.

Power on test: Conduct a power on test while ensuring safety. At this time, the output terminal of the components should have voltage and be correct after being powered on, and the opening and closing test of the electrical components should have no jamming or overloading during operation.

Leakage test: For leakage type components, the start test button should have a protective action phenomenon to ensure safety performance.

Recording and Inspection: Operators should keep records of inspections and debugging in accordance with regulations to ensure that all test data is accurate and meets relevant standards and requirements.

After the above steps are completed, the power on operation test of the PC material electrical ready board box is completed.

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