Five details about the use of energy-saving distribution box

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When you are overhauling the energy-saving distribution box, you need to check whether the power is turned off. This is a power inspection work of the energy-saving distribution box. Let's talk about the small details of the use of the energy-saving distribution box!


1. The energy-saving distribution box shall be tested after power failure.


2. When the energy-saving distribution box is maintained in sections, isolation devices shall be installed at the junction of live and uncharged energy-saving distribution boxes.


3. When operating the high-voltage side vacuum circuit breaker, wear insulating boots and gloves, and have a specially assigned person monitor.


4. When maintaining the capacitor cabinet, do not touch it before the capacitor discharges to the ground.


5. Before power transmission after maintenance, check whether there are tools left in the energy-saving distribution box.

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