Cautions in the Use of RCCB

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RCCB, commonly known as leakage switch, can not only protect personal safety, but also supervise the insulation of low-voltage system or equipment to the ground. But don't think that after installing the RCCB, you can be paralyzed without fail, and prevention should still be the main (because it is only an additional protection in basic protection measures). Only by making clear the function of RCCB and correctly using RCCB, can we realize the fundamental guarantee of safe electricity use.

Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to in the process of using leakage protection switch:

1. After the leakage protection switch is put into operation, the operation record should be established consciously and the corresponding management system should be improved.

2. When the leakage protection switch is put into operation, it is necessary to press the test button once or twice a month to check whether the operation of the leakage protection switch is normal and reliable, especially in the thunderstorm season.

3. Periodically analyze the operation of leakage protection switch, and timely replace the faulty leakage protection switch.

4. Maintenance of leakage protection switch should be carried out by professionals. When abnormal phenomena occur in operation, electricians should be found to deal with them in order to avoid enlarging the scope of accidents.

5. After thunderstorms or other unknown reasons cause the leakage protection switch to operate, it should be checked and analyzed.

6. After the operation of leakage protection switch, if the cause of the accident is not found through inspection, a trial closing is allowed. If the fault is found out again, the reason should be found out and the fault should be found out. If necessary, the operation characteristic test should be carried out. No continuous forced power transmission shall be allowed. It is strictly forbidden to remove the switch without permission except that the leakage protection switch itself has been confirmed to be faulty by inspection. Leakage protection switch forcibly delivers electricity;

7. Before the leakage protection switch withdrawn from operation is reused, the operation characteristic test shall be carried out according to the items stipulated by the relevant departments.

8. The operating characteristics of the leakage protection switch are set by the manufacturer. It can be used according to the product specifications and can not be changed at will in use.

9. After accidental electric shock casualties occur within the protection scope of the leakage protection switch, the action of the leakage protection switch should be checked, and the reasons for the failure of protection should be analyzed. The site should be protected well before investigation, and the leakage protection switch should not be removed.

10. In order to check the operation characteristics and changes of leakage protection switches, regular operation characteristics tests should be carried out. Characteristic test items include: testing leakage current value, testing leakage current value, testing interruption time;

11. When conducting the operation characteristic test of leakage protection switch, special testing instruments which have been qualified by the relevant state departments shall be used. It is strictly forbidden to use the test method of directly touching the grounding device by phase lines.

12. In addition to conducting regular tests according to the characteristics of leakage protection, the circuit breaker should be inspected and maintained regularly according to the relevant requirements of low-voltage electrical appliances.

13. The line after the installation point of RCCB should be insulated to the ground. If the insulation to the ground is reduced and the leakage current exceeds a certain value (usually about 15 ma), the protector will operate and cut off the power supply. Therefore, it is required that the insulation of the line to the ground must be good, otherwise misoperation will often occur, affecting the normal use of electricity.

14. Lighting and other single-phase load should be evenly distributed to three-phase power supply lines. When the deviation is large, adjustments should be made to make the leakage current of each phase approximately equal; when the low-voltage line is buried in the ground, the three-phase length should be similar.

15. After each operation of the RCCB, the cause should be found out immediately, and the power transmission can be re-put and restored only after the fault has been eliminated. It is strictly forbidden to use electricity forcibly, let alone withdraw it from operation, so as to ensure the safety of power consumption.

16. RCCB is the user's asset. Users should strengthen management and daily maintenance in the use of RCCB, and test regularly. Press test button every month under the state of electrification to check whether its action is reliable, so as to ensure its integrity. If problems are found, it should be dealt with in time and cannot be replaced in time.

17. RCCBs should be installed in dry places to avoid the erosion of rain, dust and harmful gases. It can be installed in the same watt-hour meter and safety box. The RCCB should be installed under the safety box. The connection should not be reversed or reversed. It should be installed vertically and the pressing nut should be tightened.

18. RCCB can not be put into use until it is installed and checked correctly and operates test button to check its normal operation.

19. In humid, high temperature, metal occupancy coefficient and other places with good conductivity, an independent RCCB must be set up. No one RCCB shall be used to protect more than two equipment (or tools) at the same time.

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