Cautions and Requirements for Installation of Distribution Box

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Distribution box is a low-voltage distribution device which assembles switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment in a closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or screen according to the requirements of electrical wiring. In normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off by manual or automatic switch. When a fault or abnormal operation occurs, the circuit is cut off or the alarm is given by means of a protective device. By means of measuring instruments, various parameters in operation can be displayed, and some electrical parameters can be adjusted to prompt or signal deviations from normal working conditions. It is often used in power generation, distribution and substation.

Matters needing attention during installation of distribution box:

1. It should be installed in the dry and ventilated parts without any obstruction, so it is convenient to use. Distribution boxes must not be installed in the boxes to prevent fire.

2. The pipes entering the distribution box must be fixed with locking nuts.

3. If the distribution box needs to be opened, the edge of the hole should be smooth and smooth.

4. The distribution box should be embedded in the wall vertically and horizontally, leaving 5-6 mm gap in the edge.

5. The wiring in the distribution box should be regular and tidy, and the terminal screw must be tightened.

6. The wiring in the distribution box should be regular and tidy, and the terminal screw must be tightened.

7. The name of each circuit shall be indicated after installation.

8. After installation, the residue in the distribution box should be cleaned up.

When the distribution box is installed and constructed, some safety operation items have become the primary premise of the work. Therefore, there are certain requirements in the construction of distribution boxes.

1. Electricians and welders who install distribution boxes must be on duty with certificates.

2. Distribution boxes participated in the construction of personnel carefully study the safety operating procedures, establish the post responsibility system.

3. When testing the insulation resistance of distribution boxes, two persons should be operated to prevent electric injury.

4. The grounding wire must be connected reliably and marked clearly before the formal electrical engineering is energized.

5. The sheath cushion of the insulation tool of the distribution box should be intact and undamaged, and the tool with serious aging should be replaced in time.

6. When electric welding operation is carried out in the distribution box, someone must "watch the fire" to prevent the cinder from igniting the surrounding articles. Fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing water should be equipped in welding sites. After the completion of the electric welding operation, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are fire hazards on the site, and to confirm the safety before leaving the site.

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