Causes of circuit breaker tripping

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There are generally three reasons for circuit breaker tripping, the first is overload, the second is short circuit, and the third is leakage.

First, overload means that too many high-power appliances use more than the rated current of the circuit breaker at the same time. It is estimated that if you do not calculate, you will have fewer trials.

Second, a short circuit may be a short circuit of an electrical appliance, or a short circuit of a concealed wire. If you do not plug in any electrical appliance, you should consider the short circuit of the line if you jump, of course, if it is a switch with leakage protection, there is also a possibility of leakage.

Third, if it is a switch with leakage protection, the line or electrical appliances will trip if there is a little leakage, generally 30 mA.

If it is the first case, it is possible to switch on fewer appliances and switch to a larger circuit breaker, provided that your line is not too thin and should be larger than the rated capacity of the circuit breaker.

If there is a short circuit inside an electrical appliance in the second case, it is enough to repair it. If there is a short circuit in a hidden line, it must be checked by professionals.

If it is the third case, an electrical appliance leaks, then one by one plug up and start up to try, to that jump is the problem of which electrical appliances, if there is leakage in the buried circuit, non-professionals can not find out, replace a switch without leakage protection, just a little safety protection.

Note: The switch with leakage protection has one more block beside the ordinary switch, which is wider. There is a small button on the switch with leakage protection. You can distinguish which one you belong to by observing it yourself.

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