Applicable range of terminal block in high voltage power equipment

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The connection terminal is a conductive part used for the electrical connection between indoor and outdoor transformers, high-voltage apparatus and bushing, etc., or between the high-voltage power equipment and the high-voltage power system.

The terminal block shall be made of aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy in aluminum, or other suitable materials, and its mechanical strength shall meet the technical requirements of corresponding equipment.

The contact surface of the terminal block shall be clean and free of cracks, obvious scars, burrs, corrosion marks, concave convex defects and other defects affecting the electrical contact and mechanical strength. The contact surface and connecting hole of the cast-in-place terminal shall be free of defects such as air hole, sand hole and slag inclusion. The connection surface of plate type terminal should be flat, and the connection hole should not be burr. When the ambient temperature is between + 10 ℃ and + 40 ℃, the temperature rise value of wiring terminal shall not exceed the provisions of corresponding equipment standards. When the equipment is delivered from the factory, the terminal block shall be equipped with supporting fasteners (such as nuts, bolts, washers, etc.) for wiring, and anti loosening measures shall be taken.

Reference range of terminal blocks

a. Terminal blocks of grounding switch, power capacitor, lightning arrester and high voltage contactor;

b. Terminal blocks of other transformers (such as furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, test transformer, etc.), voltage transformer and shunt reactor except power transformer;

c. Grounding and connection terminals for potential connection only;

d. Terminal blocks installed in enclosed electrical equipment and cable junction boxes;

e. High voltage fuse terminal for protection of voltage transformer and power capacitor;

f. Terminals for DC electrical equipment.

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