Copper Terminal Busbar

Brass Conductor Screw Busbar Terminal Block with Holder

WK004 N
Terminal Block
Environmental Protection
Production Process:
Injection Molding
Interface Type:
Environmental Protection:
Connection Mode:
Screw Connection
Contact Termination Form:
Pressure Welding
Conductor Size:
26-16 AWG, 26-16AWG
Cross Section, Solid/Soft Cable:
0.14-1.5 mm2 / 0.14-1.5 mm2
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Brass Conductor Screw Busbar Terminal Block with Holder

Screw Barrier Terminal Block.

Each of terminals is insulated from the next, prevent circuit in disorder.

The set screws secure wires reliable contact and help prevent accidental contact with the terminals.

Used for wires connecting of home appliances, electronic circuits, machines, etc.

With Blue Neutral and Green PE type

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