Busbar Terminal Block

Busbar with Plastic Distribution Box 3p Bus Bar Circuit Breaker Copper Busbar 3p Pin

Pin Type
Red Copper (T2 99.6% )
Conduct Electricity
Environmental Protection
Interface Type:
RoHS, ISO: 9001, SGS, Ce, TUV
Rated Current:
32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A
Rated Voltage:
Appliable Ambient Temperature:
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Busbar with Plastic Distribution Box 3P Bus Bar Circuit Breaker Copper Busbar 3P Pin

Product Description of comb busbar:

Terminal Block Connector Pure Copper Busbar is used for kinds of circuit breaker, copper busbar ease wiring electrical item,enlarge area, decrease temperature rise and thus increase the electric reliability of electrical items.

Technical features of comb busbar:

  1. Material is of fire-resistant PVC and redl copper
  2. Current rating is up to 125A
  3. Rated voltage is up to 415V
  4. Applicable ambient temperature -25~+50 
  5. Standard length 1m, other length tol be made upon request.
  6. Good conductivity, low contact resistance, safe and reliable.

How to choose the comb busbar:

Packing information:

PIN Type Dimension PCS/CTN Packing(cm) G.W kgs N.W kgs Material
PIN-1P-32A 1.0*5mm 200 101*22*12 26 25 Copper
PIN-1P-40A 1.2*5mm 100 101*12*9 14 13 Copper
PIN-1P-63A 1.5*7mm 100 101*12*9 16 15 Copper
PIN-1P-80A 1.5*9mm 100 101*14*10 21 20 Copper
PIN-2P-40A 1.0*7mm 50 101*14*8 15 14 Copper
PIN-2P-50A 1.2*7mm 50 101*14*8 16 15 Copper
PIN-2P-60A 1.4*7mm 50 101*14*10 18 17 Copper
PIN-2P-63A 1.5*7mm 50 101*14*10 21 20 Copper
PIN-2P-80A 1.5*9mm 50 101*14*10 23 22 Copper
PIN-3P-40A 1.0*7mm 50 101*14*8 14 13 Copper
PIN-3P-50A 1.2*7mm 50 101*14*8 15 14 Copper
PIN-3P-60A 1.4*7mm 50 101*14*10 17 16 Copper
PIN-3P-63A 1.5*7mm 50 101*14*10 20 19 Copper
PIN-3P-80A 1.5*9mm 50 101*14*10 22 21 Copper
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