Where can we purchase waterproof meter boxes?

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Generally, the parameters of the meter box purchased by a project have corresponding provisions, such as the thickness of the meter box, the toughness of the material, and the waterproof coefficient.

The waterproof coefficient of the meter box is basically that IP34 meets the needs of most projects and can withstand the rainfall environment in the normal range. If you want to improve the safety factor, you need to put the meter box indoors. The waterproof and heat dissipation holes reserved in the meter box are basically fixed in size. If the number of holes is intentionally reduced or narrowed, the normal heat dissipation environment will also be affected, because the heat generated by electrical components needs to be discharged through these heat dissipation holes during use. Therefore, if the installation area is often rainstorm, typhoon and other environments, the meter box can be installed indoors, or the meter box with higher waterproof coefficient can be used.

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