What meters should be equipped with the meter box?

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Users will also encounter these doubts when purchasing the meter box. Can the meter box and meter I bought match?


There are many brands of electricity meters, which can be used as long as the quality is qualified and meets the acceptance standards of the power supply bureau. Different meter sizes will be different. The ampere number of the meter indicates the maximum current load that can be borne, that is, the greater the ampere number, the more electrical appliances can be carried. However, the larger the better, the more accurate the power consumption can be calculated only by selecting a suitable meter.


The size of the meter box is also determined according to the size of the meter and the space reserved for the accessories to be installed.


For ordinary meters and cost control meters, the sizes of single-phase and three-phase are different, so the corresponding meter box sizes are also different. If you are not sure, you need to consult well before purchasing.

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