What is the use of the AC distribution box?

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An AC distribution box is a device used to distribute and control AC power. In the AC power system, as an important part of the power equipment, the AC distribution box mainly plays the following roles:

Power distribution: The AC power distribution box distributes the high-voltage AC power from the power station to different power systems after stepping down through the transformer to meet the power requirements of different power systems.

Electric energy control: AC power distribution box realizes the control of electric energy by integrating various control components, such as circuit breakers, contactors, fuses, etc., to ensure the safe and stable supply of electric energy.

Power protection: The AC power distribution box can monitor and protect power by integrating various protection components, such as overload protectors, leakage protectors, etc., to avoid damage to power equipment due to overload, short circuit and other faults.

Electric energy monitoring: The AC distribution box can monitor and analyze the amount and quality of electric energy by integrating electric energy meter and other electric energy monitoring equipment, so as to improve energy utilization efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction.

To sum up, the AC distribution box plays a very important role in the power system, providing important support and guarantee for the distribution, control, protection and monitoring of electric energy.

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