What are the basic requirements for surface rainproof distribution box?

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When installing the rainproof distribution box, there are many ways to choose. I will tell you one of them, which is concealed installation. In fact, the concealed installation of rainproof distribution box is relatively simple. The main purpose is to embed the rainproof distribution box into the wall. If the rain proof distribution box is to be installed in a concealed way, holes need to be reserved when the wall is built. Its length width ratio is about 20 mm. The reserved depth is the thickness of the distribution box plus the plastering thickness of the inner wall of the hole. This data needs to be measured. When installing the rainproof distribution box, there will inevitably be some basic requirements for installation. Let's take a look at the following:


In order to install the rainproof distribution box more firmly, the vertical deviation of the position of the rainproof distribution box should not be greater than 3mm; and during the installation of surface installation, it is necessary to determine the surrounding environment to avoid making the rainproof distribution box close to the edge of the wallboard.

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