What are the advantages of PC meter boxes?

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The appearance of transparent meter box products has brought great convenience to the wiring of low-voltage lines in our families. It is particularly convenient to put all kinds of lines, such as network lines and telephone lines, into one box for the same management. When we replace external access network lines and other lines, it is only necessary to change the lines at the incoming line. For indoor wiring, it is not necessary to re wire, But it is particularly troublesome if the transparent meter box is broken after a long time. How can we extend the service life of the transparent meter box?


1. First of all, when choosing a transparent meter box, you should choose a product with good quality. Don't assume that the life of a low-quality product will be very short if you buy it cheaply.


2. The impact of the use environment on the life of the transparent meter box. As usual, the transparent meter box is divided into two materials: plastic and metal. Although both of these materials have excellent properties such as strong moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, we also try to give it a "warm" home. Creating a relatively ventilated and dry installation environment can extend its service life;


3. In use, we should avoid the impact of external forces. Because there are many signal line interfaces, wireless routes and other items inside the transparent meter box, many internal electronic components will be easily damaged once they are impacted by external sharp objects. Therefore, when we choose to install, we should consider whether they will be impacted by external forces in the future. Therefore, in order to extend its service life, we must avoid the impact of external forces;


4. The impact of daily maintenance on the service life of the transparent meter box is particularly tense. It is easy to accumulate dust without maintaining the outside of the box for a long time. We should regularly wipe the appearance with a rag to keep it clean. We should also check whether there are traces of small animals moving inside the box during maintenance. If small animals are found, they must be eliminated in time to avoid biting the line.

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