Usage And Advantages Of Wire Connector Terminals For Decoration And Wiring

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Home decoration, safety is absolutely the most important. "Electricity strikes people, water erodes wealth" shows the importance of concealed works. The safety of electric circuit is very important. According to the complete statistics of the public security department, there were 1253 electrical fire accidents from 1 to 10 in a city, and the losses caused were incalculable. Most of the reasons are due to backward connection technology, poor electrical insulation materials and people's lack of safety awareness. when people are decorating, they change the circuit and install them on the lamps. Their wire joints are usually wrapped with black tape or connected with common wiring caps. It is not reliable. The life of adhesive tape and common wiring cap is short, easy to aging or even fall off, the joint part will be exposed and poor contact, forming hidden danger, which is easy to cause personal injury such as electric shock or fire. In addition, with the increase of household appliances, the power load increases, and the current on the wire also increases. If the connector part is not in good contact (the contact resistance is too large), the heating caused by high current will be more obvious, which will be a huge hidden danger. After the completion of decoration, the circuit part is basically hidden in the wall, once there is a fault, maintenance will be quite troublesome, whether in your energy or economy will bring no small loss.

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