The use of distribution box shall comply with the regulations

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We talked about the installation of our distribution box before. We said that many people don't pay attention to the specification when using the distribution box. I believe everyone knows. Today, let's focus on the regulations that the distribution box installation needs to comply with!


First point: we need to pay attention to whether the wiring in the distribution box is neat and there is no splicing. The tight connection of one conductor will lead to the abnormality of the core and the strand breakage of the core. In addition, the cross-sectional area of wires pressed on both sides of the screw under the washer is the same, there are no more than 2 wires connected on the same terminal, and the anti loose washer and other parts are complete;


The second point: the switch in the distribution box acts flexibly and reliably. For the circuit with leakage protection, the action current of the leakage protection device shall not be greater than 30mA and the action time shall not be greater than 0.1s


The third point: in the distribution box, the bus bars of zero line (n) and protective ground line (PE line) are set respectively, and the zero line and protective ground line are distributed through the bus bar.

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