The installation of power distribution box is very important

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The production of power distribution box is for our needs in today's life, and this value is concentrated in helping customers realize their real and future interests. On the basis of the benefits obtained by our customers, it is also a basis for us to realize the benefits. We will also make greater efforts to meet the needs of customers. Today, we will focus on the installation of power distribution box!


We need to determine the installation method according to the box size of the power distribution box; Generally, when the height of the box is more than 1.2m, it should be installed on the ground; When the height of the box is less than 1.2m, it is generally installed by hanging on the wall or embedded. When we install the cabinet, it should be padded 100 mm under the cabinet. In case of cable entry and exit, the foundation pit shall be reserved on the cabinet ground to meet the requirements of cable bending radius. The installation of foundation section steel and panel cabinet shall also meet the requirements of various allowable deviations.


Therefore, the demand for each kind of equipment will also be determined according to the actual situation, and the height of the installation position of the power distribution box.

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