Terminal Blocks Are Used As Secondary Equipment To Protect The Electrical System

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Power system is a power production and consumption system composed of power plants, transmission lines, power supply and distribution stations and power consumption. Its function is to convert the primary energy of nature into electric energy through power generation device, and then supply the power to users through transmission, transformation and distribution. In order to realize this function, the power system also has corresponding information and control system in each link and different levels, which can measure, adjust, control, protect, communicate and dispatch the production process of electric energy, so as to ensure that users can obtain safe and high-quality power.

The equipment section of power system is divided into primary equipment and secondary equipment.

Primary equipment refers to the electrical equipment directly used for production, transformation, transmission, dredging, distribution and use of electric energy, and high voltage control loop (secondary equipment). The main components are: generator (motor), transformer, circuit breaker, disconnector, automatic switch, contactor, knife switch, bus, transmission line, power cable, reactor, etc. Primary circuit or primary wiring system is the main electrical circuit connected by primary equipment to form power generation, transmission, distribution or direct use in production.

Main functions of primary equipment:

1. Equipment for producing and converting electric energy. For example, the generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, the transformer that transforms voltage and transmits electric energy, and the motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

2. Switching equipment for switching on and off the circuit. Such as high and low voltage circuit breaker, load switch, fuse, disconnector, contactor, magnetic starter, etc.

3. Protect the electricity. Such as the reactor limiting the short-circuit current, the lightning arrester to prevent overvoltage, etc

4. Current carrying conductor. Such as soft and hard conductors and cables for power transmission.

5. Grounding device.

"Primary" mainly refers to "main circuit" in power production, and "secondary" is mainly used to control "primary". The primary voltage of the equipment is higher than that of the primary equipment.

Secondary equipment refers to the low-voltage electrical equipment required for monitoring, controlling, regulating and protecting the work of primary equipment and providing operation conditions or production command signals for operation and maintenance personnel. Such as fuse, control switch, relay, control cable, etc. The electrical equipment which is connected by the secondary equipment to monitor, control, regulate and protect the primary equipment is called secondary equipment.

The secondary equipment mainly includes: instrument, control and signal element, relay protection device, operation, signal power supply circuit, control cable and connecting wire, signal element that sends sound, terminal block and fuse, etc.

As a connector, the terminal block plays a bridge role of connecting electrical equipment and wires, and can also conduct current, voltage and other signals, which is convenient for the construction and maintenance of power system, and even can be used as an electrical switch. In decades of time, the terminal has been used in various electrical equipment, for the smooth circuit escort.

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