Technical Requirements for Distribution Box in Electrical Industry

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Different industries, different products have different technical requirements, in the electrical industry, distribution boxes, distribution boxs are no exception, distribution boxes, distribution boxs are also very strict technical requirements, in order to ensure safety in production and personnel safety.

1. Low-voltage distribution box should meet the national production standards. Before leaving the factory, it should have product qualification certificate. Each incoming and outgoing switch should complete transmission function test and short-circuit test. The incoming box should have various test reports and test time.

2. Distribution box main copper bar A/B/C/N phase strict requirements do not allow bare in the air, need to be insulated plastic seal, and copper row spacing to meet safety requirements, all copper bars without isolation measures must be insulated phase color sleeve and phase, N, PE marking; all copper bars and outlet switches need to be equipped with nuts, and the strength of nuts is not small. At level 8.8.

3. Input and outgoing modes: the low-voltage distribution box screens with transformer A-TR01~A-TR04, B-TR01~B-TR07, B-TR10~B-TR13, and the low-voltage distribution box screens with B-TR08 and B-TR09 should not only meet the requirements of outgoing and outgoing lines, but also meet the requirements of outgoing and outgoing modes (see the attached low-voltage distribution box system diagram for detailed requirements), C-TR01~C-TR38, D-TR13. - The low-voltage distribution box panels of TR01-D-TR38 are downgoing and outgoing. The low-voltage distribution box panels of C-TR39-C-TR44 and D-TR39-D-TR44 transformers should meet the requirements of both downgoing and outgoing modes (see the attached low-voltage distribution system diagram for details). Provide overlap copper bar between transformer and low voltage box;

4. Insulation barrier protection (transparent) should be required behind all distribution box screens to meet the relevant national regulations; the color requirements of distribution boxs are the same.

5. Each distribution box needs a hoisting ring and meets the hoisting load demand; it is easy to hoist and disassemble, the switch inside the box and other auxiliary components meet the national acceptance standards, the components are arranged neatly, the screw of the internal components is tightened to meet the requirements, and has a tightening marking; all switches and components must have the same marking as the drawings; The wiring shall be a standard number tube with the same drawing number.

6. The switch handle of each distribution box is easy to operate, simple and flexible, the drawer switch is easy to insert and pull out, in place, and the switch handle is flexible to close and rotate, convenient to operate and use.

7. All drawer boxs are in good contact with connectors and can not be falsely connected. Conductive paste should be applied between connectors and connectors to meet the requirements of conductivity.

8. The loops of soft start box, star triangle box and direct start-stop box need to meet the requirements of PLC on-site and remote start-stop control. Local manual energy can realize local start-stop, and remote host computer can also realize remote start-stop, so as to ensure the communication between PLC and host computer in the secondary circuit.

9. All non-fire-fighting plastic case circuit breakers need to be equipped with fire-fighting dividing and tripping devices, and the wiring leads to the wiring terminals.

10. The main box in the distribution box equipped with lightning arresters requires the designer to designate the brand, not equipped with lightning arresters without qualifications or unqualified products, so that the acceptance of lightning protection office can pass smoothly in the future.

11. Frame circuit breaker provides three-stage protection, short delay current setting value and short instantaneous current setting value can be adjusted.

12. Confirm that it can meet the linkage function of low-voltage distribution box system and the actual needs of the site;

13. Provide samples of manufacturers of electrical components in distribution boxs

14. The brand of electrical components in the distribution box shall be confirmed by the tenderer.

15. Distribution box system diagram and control schematic diagram are provided for box in-house demand. Optimum design scheme of complete box is provided to cooperate with power transmission debugging. On-site technical guidance and training and information for owners are provided.

16. The distribution box system drawings are shown in the attached drawings.

The above is the technical requirements of distribution box. On the premise of ensuring safety, the distribution box is still improving and reducing hazards. Different enterprises have different requirements for distribution box, which are discussed by enterprises.

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