Structure and principle of AC contactor

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    AC contactor is used to switch on and off frequently. At the same time, it also has undervoltage and overvoltage protection functions. The only regret is that AC contactor does not have short-circuit and overload protection functions.

    I think there should be no AC contactor manufacturers to understand the structure of the AC contactor bar! AC contactor is mainly composed of electromagnetic system, contact system, arc extinguishing device, insulation shell and other accessories. The electromagnetic system includes the dynamic and static iron core as well as the suction coil. The contact system includes the main contact and the normally open and normally closed contacts. The function of the arc extinguishing cover is to quickly cut off the arc and avoid the contact burning out. The insulation shell and other accessories include the spring, the transmission mechanism, the short-circuit ring, the terminal, etc.

    After we have finished the structure of AC contactor, we will understand the original AC contactor. Of course, Shanghai Great Wall switchgear Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of AC contactor, will popularize it for us. After all, the manufacturer of AC contactor is not familiar with the principle of products.

    Principle of AC contactor: when the coil is electrified, there will be a magnetic field, and the static iron core will generate electromagnetic attraction to close the armature. When the armature is closed, it will drive the normally closed contact to open and close. After the power of the opposite coil is cut off, there will be no magnetic field. If the static contact loses the electromagnetic attraction, the armature will be released and the contact will be reset automatically.

Next Selection method of AC contactor
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