Six points for safe use of stainless steel distribution box

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In the construction site, we often see bright searchlights. There are many places that need electricity in the construction site. If there is a slight negligence in use, it is very likely to cause electricity accidents. So today, Distribution Box Manufacturer will tell you about the use of stainless steel distribution box. Let's go!

First, we need to check whether the names and numbers of all electrical components on the stainless steel distribution box are clear and correct, and whether the positions of all operation handles, buttons and keys on the stainless steel distribution box are consistent with the actual situation, whether they are fixed firmly and whether they are flexible. Check whether the operating handle is flexible and whether the cabinet shell is well grounded.

Second, check whether the instrument or dial glass of the stainless steel distribution box is loose and whether the voltage and current indication operation is normal. Check whether the on-off signal indication and other signal indications on the stainless steel distribution box are correct.

Third, check whether the switches and fuses in the stainless steel distribution box are firm and whether there is overheating. Check whether the terminal and bus bar connector are fastened and whether there is corrosion and overheating.

Fourth, check whether the busbar paint is complete and whether the phase mark is correct and obvious. Check whether all protective devices are complete and reliable and whether the setting value meets the requirements.

Fifth, check whether the cable insulation is damaged, whether the secondary circuit is neat and firm, and the secondary side of current transformer is well grounded. Check whether the outgoing line is neat and reliable.

Sixth, check whether the indicator light of the instrument is normal, whether the capacitor is overheated and discharged, and whether the appearance is normal. Check whether the environment around the stainless steel distribution box is clean.

Do a good job in the use of these safety tricks to ensure the safety of electricity.

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