Ready Board manufacturers tell you the reasons for frequent tripping of household leakage switches

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The reasons for the frequent tripping of related household leakage switches and how the leakage switch often trips. It will cause frequent tripping of household leakage switches.

Reasons for the tripping of the leakage switch of the household Ready Board

If the household leakage switch (the leakage protection switch is assembled with the low-voltage circuit breaker, and also has the function of load and overcurrent protection) cannot be closed after jumping off, the input and output pile heads of the protection device and the input phase voltage should be checked. , If there is no problem, then cut off the outgoing line of each group separately to check whether there is an internal circuit fault. If there is no problem with the outgoing line of each group, or still cannot send electricity, you need to replace it with a new leakage switch.

There are several reasons why the leakage switch often trips:

1. Poor installation of leakage switch

The wires of each pile head are not connected firmly, and if they are loose for a long time, the hair of the pile will be hot, the air will be oxidized, the outer insulation layer of the transmission line will be burned, and flames and paste smell will be emitted, resulting in line undervoltage protection and air leakage switch action.

2. The quality of the leakage switch itself is not very good

Not paired with load. The specific electricity load in the home exceeds the rated voltage of the low voltage circuit breaker on the line. It generally occurs after newly installing or increasing the application of central air conditioners, household water heaters and other high-power household appliances. Be sure to replace the paired air leakage switch.

3. Electricity or circuit leakage, short circuit fault

When you find that the electrical appliances you are using are leaking, just unplug the power plug of the electrical appliance that has the electrical fault, and then turn on the low-voltage circuit breaker again to close the switch. If you find that the line is leaking or short circuit, you must ask a welder to solve it.

After the low-voltage circuit breaker trips, disconnect all of them, and then close them one by one. When a certain circuit is closed, the low-voltage circuit breaker cannot send electricity, that is to say, there is a fault in the circuit breaker, and this circuit should be disconnected, and the other circuit breaker should be closed.

After finding out the problem of fault separation, it will be repaired and then closed.

4. The phase voltage of the switching power supply is too high

It is very dangerous, and it usually occurs in the housing of the three-phase four-wire power supply system. At this time, check whether the two wires of the line are electrified, check whether the upper and lower neighbors are also tripping, and use a multimeter to measure the phase-in voltage.

Do not forcibly close the low-voltage circuit breaker, otherwise it will burn down the electrical appliances, and cause a fire accident in the worst case.

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