Precautions for installing incoming and outgoing lines of PC electrical ready board

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The technical requirements for electrical ready boards include the following aspects:


Safety: The electrical ready board must have good fire protection and electrical insulation properties to ensure safe and reliable operation of the circuit and prevent fire and electric shock accidents.


Waterproof and dustproof: The electrical ready board should have good waterproof and dustproof performance, which can effectively prevent external moisture and dust from entering and protect the internal electrical equipment.


Durability: The electrical ready board material should have good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, be able to resist the erosion of harsh weather and environmental conditions for a long time, and extend the service life.


Appropriate size: The size of the electrical ready board should be suitable for the installed electrical components, taking into account the installation environment and space constraints to ensure easy installation and not affect the normal use of the meter.


Sealing: The connection part of the electrical ready board should have good sealing performance to prevent moisture and dust from entering through the gaps and affecting the normal operation of the circuit.


Convenient operation: The design of the electrical ready board should take into account the convenience of operation and maintenance. For example, the layout of switches and terminal blocks should be reasonable to facilitate user operation and maintenance.

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