Pole Top Box "quality guarantees life"

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1. The AC, DC or different levels of power supply in the Pole Top Box shall be pasted with instruction signs.

2. The Pole Top Box cannot be made of combustible materials. It is generally made of cold-rolled plate, stainless steel and galvanized plate. In dry and dust-free places, or in order to save cost, the wooden distribution box needs to be flame retardant! It is necessary to be ready for fire fighting under the electric box at any time.

3. When wiring leads out of the panel, the punching of the panel shall be polished and painted to be smooth without burrs. If it is a metal panel, an insulating protective sleeve shall be installed.

4. The thickness and size of the Pole Top Box shall be determined according to the installation environment. It shall be installed firmly during installation, and its vertical deviation shall not be greater than 3 mm During concealed installation, there shall be no gap around the Pole Top Box, the edges around the panel shall be close to the wall, and the contact part between the box and buildings and structures shall be coated with anti-corrosion paint.

5. The height from the bottom edge of the Pole Top Box to the ground should be 1.8m, and the height from the bottom edge of the Pole Top Box to the ground should not be less than 1.8m

6. The Pole Top Box (board) shall be provided with neutral wire and protective grounding wire (PE wire) busbar respectively. The neutral wire and protective grounding wire shall be connected on the busbar without splicing, and shall be numbered. Strictly follow the requirements of power distribution specifications.

7. For the spiral fuse installed in the Pole Top Box (board), its power line shall be installed on the terminal of the intermediate contact, and the load line shall be connected on the threaded terminal.

8. The name of control equipment circuit shall be marked on the Pole Top Box to avoid wrong switching.

Next "Friendly guidance of Technology Department" for non-standard Pole Top Box
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