Overview of intelligent AC contactor

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    The AC contactor is used for long-distance access and disconnection routes, as well as the load that will be generated when the AC motor, thermal overload relay and motor protector are frequently started and operated to cooperate with each other to maintain the routes. With the rapid development trend of electronic optics, computer network and digital communication technology, and the application of artificial intelligence in the bottom pressure AC contactor, the AC contactor gradually develops to the performance, sales price, digital, intelligent system and digital direction.

    Overview of intelligent system of AC contactor

    Technical professional AC contactor manufacturers and research institutes, after analyzing a lot of experimental statistical data and specific application data statistics, and combining basic theoretical analysis, put the key technology of intelligent system into AC contactor to maintain the lifting operation of the whole process of AC contactor startup, maintenance and disconnection. Intelligent AC contactor uses electronic technology to maintain intelligent system, electronic components and key components of single-chip microcomputer design constitute hardware configuration power circuit, and it is used by mobile phone software driver and maintenance data signal inspection, information transmission, and various intelligent control systems. The key point is to keep it in two parts: first, the intelligent system operation of the main control circuit disconnection to reduce the disconnection isolation; second, the intelligent system of the control circuit, i.e. the electromagnetic induction system software, such as the anti working voltage drop, anti shaking, reclosing with phase selection, wide working voltage, power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving without noise.

    Current situation of scientific research on Intelligent AC contactor

    The intelligent system of AC contactors for communication and maintenance of AC contactors for communication and maintenance of AC contactors for communication and maintenance of AC contactors in all normal work, the magnetic flux of the core of the AC contactors is changed alternately according to the magnetic flux of the core of the AC contactors, and the magnetic separation ring can be modified to suppress the vibration of the electric flow through the core of the temporary transformer. Uneven polar surface, too much antirust agent, and dirty adhesion will cause different levels of commodity noise and vibration, resulting in ablation of contact points of AC contactors due to arcing during vibration, resulting in electrical equipment tripping, ablation and other safety accidents. At this stage, this problem is dealt with according to the scientific research on the zero damage of raw materials of circuit breakers.

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