Outdoor use to rain proof, of course, the use of waterproof distribution box

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The problem solved by the production of waterproof distribution box is that it can better avoid the failure of distribution box in rainy days. In the use of waterproof distribution box, it mainly assembles the switchgear, measuring instruments and auxiliary equipment in the closed or semi closed metal cabinet, which can form a low-voltage distribution device; of course, this kind of distribution box can also turn on or turn off the circuit with the help of manual or automatic switch; whether it is in fault or abnormal operation, it can turn off the circuit or alarm with the help of protective electrical appliances Let's deal with it in time.

The use of waterproof distribution box not only solves the problem of single power supply, but also can prevent rainwater from entering the box in rainy days, thus affecting the work of electrical components inside the box, so that the equipment can not operate normally.

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